What is

Dapp Arcade?

Dapp Arcade is a blockchain game arcade that utilizes WEB 3.0 technology via dAppstore platform protocol to deliver the highest rewards to retro-gaming experiences. Dapp Arcade’s partnership with dAppstore will also enable players use DAPPX as the main token for Dapp Arcade games and receive DAPPX rewards.

Dapp Arcade transforms blockchain games from the current boring and passive style games into FUN ACTION GAMES! We bring back the memorable and beloved retro-style arcade gaming experience.

You can store tokenized game assets in Wonderwallet, as well as freely buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Through blockchain-based Dapp Arcade, you can easily make fun and exciting memories at home. Invite your friends to meet online at Dapp Arcade and create memories together!

If you like making games as much as playing them, Dapp Arcade can also support you. With Dapp Arcade’s App publishing technology, we help developers to adopt blockchain technology through easy blockchain integrations for their traditional games and applications. Developers who publish their games on Dapp Arcade can earn commissions and rewards if their game is well-received by players.

We also invite both new and seasoned game developers to join our community and participate in hackathons. You may be able to submit and publish your games on Dapp Arcade and earn commissions based on positive feedback from the community.

Play to Earn

Earn rewards while playing fun games and holding DAPPX.

Dapp Arcade is an incentive-based platform that allows players to have an exciting game experience while earning rewards for their participation!

Actual Crypto Battles

Are you tired of same boring dungeon or farming games?

Dapp Arcade supports multi-character games for single player and player vs. player modes. Invite your friends to play with you and win rewards in cryptocurrency!

Own your NFTs

Buy in-game digital assets, NFT’s with DAPPX!

Dapp Arcade tokenizes in-game assets that can be owned by users. The assets a player acquires are owned by the player, not by the company!

Ultimate Convenience

All Dapp Arcade games run on ACENT blockchain via the Osiris Web 3.0 browser for convenience and scalability. Osiris has a built-in multi-cryptocurrency wallet for fast, easy, and secure transactions and NFT storage.

Our Games


Marble Game

Marble game is a simple and easy-to-play game that requires instincts and a bit of luck!

  • Genre: Turn-based game
  • Mode: Multi-player mode (up to 2 players)
  • Multi-player mode (up to 2 players)
  • NFT: Supported
  • Sharing NFT: Supported

Penalty Showdown

Sit back, relax, and try your luck against your friends in this fun soccer shootout game.

  • Genre: Casual Shooting Game
  • Mode: Single play mode vs. AI
  • Multi-player mode (up to 2 players)
  • NFT: Supported
  • Sharing NFT: Supported
ActionActionComing Soon

Crypto Run

A running game in which you avoid obstacles and reach the goal the fastest. Who will be the fastest in the world?

    • Genre: Action Running Game
    • Mode: Single play mode vs. AI
    • Multi-player mode (upto 6 players)
    • NFT: Supported
    • Sharing NFT: Supported

Coming SoonComing Soon

Crypto Ninja

Use your Ninja reflexes to either dodge incoming projectiles or catch powerups to unleash powerful Ninja attacks against your foes.

    • Genre: Action Ninja game
    • Mode: Single play mode vs. AI
    • Multi-player mode (up to 6 players)
    • NFT: Supported
    • Sharing NFT: Supported






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Dapp Arcade is best experienced with the WonderWallet.

Dapp Arcade is best experienced with the WonderWallet.


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